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Humanities, Arts & Society

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The mission of the “Humanities, Arts and Society” Project is to demonstrate the impact of the arts and creativity on society, promote global understanding and collaboration between the disciplines, as well as establish a worldwide movement of artists, researchers, thinkers and project holders.

A project by UNESCO-MOSTC.I.P.S.HMémoire de l’Avenir

GRID Heritage

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Gender and Intersectionality on India and its Diaspora’s Heritage

The GRID framework is informed by gender and intersectionality on Indian and diasporic (GRID) heritage so as those people and practices discriminated along the intersecting lines of gender, caste, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality and disability along with their heritage work are fully appreciated, engaged and supported at national and transnational levels.


Active Partner

The goal of the Network Sustainability in Art and Culture (2N2K) is to sensitize the cultural sector to the topic of sustainability.

World Capital Institute

The World Capital Institute (WCI) is an independent international Think Tank whose purpose is to further the understanding and application of knowledge as the most powerful leverage of development.