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Howard Blumenthal Founder of Kids on Earth and Producer of Reinventing School; The University of Pennsylvania Introducing: 🔸 Andrea Green 🔸 Henry Nevinson 🔸 Anika Larsen 🔸 Andrea Varga Simultaneously translated online Beginning at 1:15PM on Thursday, November 9, The Jena Declaration presents a two-part interview about sustainability, music and theater. We feature two extraordinary projects, both focused on educating children. One project is called “Under the Moon”- a musical partnership program designed to foster connection, communication, empathy and respect between diverse groups of children . Via rehearsal , discussion, performance and the making of a music video, the song “Under the Moon” is used as the vehicle to unite children. The premiere of this project was produced in 2021 with children in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Kampala, Uganda. Composer/director Andrea Green will explain her ground-breaking work, and her remarkable catalog of Broadway-style inclusive musicals she and others have produced with children all over the world. She will be joined by filmmaker Henry Nevison, who worked against remarkable odds to make this music video reality. And, we will feature a new effort, a new children’s theater play called The Pocket Park to be produced in 2024, developed in association with Project Everyone, The Broadway Green Alliance, and The World’s Largest Lesson. The playwright is Broadway performer Anika Larsen, working closely with Andrea Varga, Professor of Design, History and Sustainability at The State University of New York at New Paltz. This session will be introduced and moderated by The Jena Declaration’s second signatory, author, scholar and producer Howard Blumenthal. #thejenadeclaration #sustainability #howardblumenthal #reinventingschool #kidsonearth
Hartmut Rosa @ TJD AmericaS Conference Resonance & Sustainability ------ TJD AmericaS Conference Thursday, November 9th 2023 Berlin, 7PM Bogotá, 1PM Buenos Aires, 3PM Rio de Janeiro, 3PM New York, 1PM Prof. Hartmut Rosa is a globally known social scientist for his studies in sociology of time and world relations, most recently for his resonance theory. His work is translated into numerous languages and was – among many others – awarded with the highest German scientific recognition, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2023. He has been Professor of General and Theoretical Sociology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena since 2005 and Director of the Max Weber College at the University of Erfurt since 2013. In his contribution to the conference he addresses a new understanding of sustainability in line with The Jena Declaration. #thejenadeclaration #sustainability #resonance #hartmutrosa
TJD AmericaS Conference Thursday, November 9th 2023 Berlin 3:15PM Buenos Aires 11:15AM The voices on "Sustainability and Wisdom – Learning from Mapuche Culture" were collected and presented by Anahi Mariluan and discussed with engaged artists and activists. The participants are: 🔸 Anahi Mariluan - Mapuche singer and CONICET fellow researcher 🔸 Vanesa G. Llancaqueo – Mapuche poet 🔸 Viviana Ayilef – Poet and member of the intercultural Mapuche collective Tukulpan 🔸 Adrián Moyano – Writer and journalist 🔸 Sanmartiniano Painefil – Space for Mapuche Articulation and Political Construction 🔸 Jorge Spindola – Writer and member of the intercultural mapuche collective Tukulpan #thejenadeclaration #sustainability #mapuche #mapucheculture
TJD AmericaS Conference Thursday, November 9th 2023 ------ Simultaneously translated online conference 👉 Access to Zoom: https://uni-jena-de.zoom‑ Meeting ID: 684 8418 0822 Passcode: 592408 The TJD AmericaS conference is the first of a series of continental events. All of those conferences will call to listen first to the citizens before pushing them to engage in the global quest for sustainability. Each conference offers a platform where citizens from different parts of the world and of different cultures can express their understanding of sustainability. @waasofficial @humanitiesartsandsociety @memoiredelavenir @grid_heritage @rethinkingchoices @chakraculturalfoundation @why.we.craft @culturalintellectualproperty @sohayav @wecanaccess @mimiat_health @sdg_assessment @healingvenezuela @cicarepk @zeroprojectorg #sustainability #education #fsu #sdg #arts #igu #geography #isc #UNEP #UNESCO #unitednations #thejenadeclaration #ClubOfRome #worldacademy #wellbeing #lifestyle #humanities #regionaldevelopment #policies #gender #patagonia #peacebuilding #indigenouspeople #broadway #cleanwaterforall #water #globalsustainability
Honored to be part of the preparation process of the "UN Summit of the future" (2024) and the "UN Pact for the Future" (2025), that will call for global solidarity for present and future generations.   #sustainability #thejenadeclaration #education #fsu #sdg #arts #waas #worldacademy #igu #geography #isc #UNEP #UNESCO
1000 signatories of The Jena Declaration. Thank you all for your support! 💐 #thejenadeclaration #sustainability
Young peo­ple must get a strong voice — adults can­not envi­sion a dif­fer­ent future near­ly as skill­ful­ly as chil­dren and teenagers. The future requires learn­ing from one anoth­er. Most peo­ple do not know or under­stand how sus­tain­abil­i­ty oper­ates. We all require infor­ma­tion and train­ing in order to learn, and to define their own indi­vid­ual roles in design­ing the future. #thejenadeclaration #learning #sustainability Installation © Emmanuel Mâa Berriet, 📷 Margalit Berriet at an exhibition by Mémoire de l'avenir @memoiredelavenir
It’s our mission to make sustainability a joyful and exciting endeavor. #thejenadeclaration #sustainability #sustainable
a healthier and safer world for all right now #thejenadeclaration #sustainability #sustainable